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Aims and Scope

Journal of Retina is an open access journal (CC BY). It is the official journal of Korean Retina Society (KRS) and publishes articles relating to retina and vitreous biannually (31th, May / 30th, November). The KRS, whose members are retinal specialists who specialized in research and treatment of the retina and vitreous disease, publishes Journal of Retina to provide current information on retina and vitreous and promote mutual friendship among the members of the society, and to encourage the members' commitment for continued research and development since 31, May, 2016.

Submitted papers are peer-reviewed and evaluated before publication by experienced specialists in each subspecialty. Journal of Retina is distributed to members of KRS, medical schools, libraries, and many other institutions to promote the development of KRS and academic exchanges among KRS members as well as international society members. All or part of the content is indexed/tracked/covered by journal's own homepage, Open Access, since 2016 issue (Vol. 1, No. 1).

November 2021, 6 (2)
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