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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Baseline characteristics of PCV and myopic CNV patients

PCV (n = 72)Myopic CNV (n = 51)p-value
Age (years)70.00±8.9153.00±16.35< 0.001*
Sex (male/female)54:1815:36< 0.001
Total follow-up duration (months)23.13±11.0424.49±10.050.275*
Anti-VEGF medications utilized (ranibizumab:aflibercept:bevacizumab)35:37:04:1:46< 0.001
Hypertension28 (38.9)12 (23.5)0.073
Diabetes6 (8.3)3 (5.9)0.734
Visual acuity (logMAR)0.54±0.410.61±0.460.330*
Spherical equivalent (diopter)0.10±1.63-7.48±5.51< 0.001*
Intraocular pressure (mmHg)14.90±2.9815.94±2.990.069*
Axial length (mm)23.47±0.8429.38±2.63< 0.001*
Lens status (phakia:pseudophakia:aphakia)63:9:039:10:20.120

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation or number (%) unless otherwise indicated.

PCV = polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy; CNV = choroidal neovascularization; VEGF = vascular endothelial growth factor; logMAR = logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution.

Independent t-test;

chi-square test;

Fisher’s exact test.

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