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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Clinical characteristics of PCV and myopic CNV patients at recurrence

PCV (n = 43)Myopic CNV (n =18)p-value
Age (years)70.17±8.2355.07±14.18< 0.001*
Sex (male/female)29:64:14< 0.001
Recurrence rate (%)59.735.30.008
Follow-up duration before recurrence (months)7.5±3.311.0±4.80.007*
Number of injections before recurrence3.0±0.03.1±0.70.477*
Clinic visit (regular FU: early visit)41:27:11< 0.001
Visual acuity (logMAR)0.42±0.430.61±0.530.203*
Intraocular pressure (mmHg)15.51±4.8517.40±2.100.105*

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation unless otherwise indicated.

PCV = polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy; CNV = choroidal neovascularization; FU = follow up; logMAR = logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution.

Mann–Whitney U test;

Fisher’s exact test;

chi-square test.

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