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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2.

Images of macular telangiectasia with cavitation (case 5: A, B; case 6: C, D; case 7: E, F; case 8: G, H). (A) Case 5 had outer retinal cavitation and small intraretinal cyst in the left eye. (B) Three months postoperatively, retinal cavitation disappeared. (C) Case 6 also had multiple intraretinal cysts in the right eye. (D) Retinal cavitation resolved and visual acuity was stable after surgery. (E) Macular telangiectasia (arrow) was observed during fluorescein angiography. (F) Intraretinal cyst and internal limiting membrane drape were observed before surgery. Case 6 had intraretinal cavities and outer retina defect in the right eye. (G) In case 8, telangiectactic vessels (arrow) were observed during fluorescein angiography. (H) Multiple intraretinal cysts were observed in the inner retina, but damage of the outer retina was not clear.

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