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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1.

Multi-modal imaging analysis of a patient with paclitaxel-associated retinopathy. Fundus photography of the right eye (A) and left eye (B) show mild macular thickening. Fluorescein angiography shows faint petalloid dye pooling at the fovea in the right eye (C) and left eye (D). Spectral domain optical coherence tomography shows intraretinal fluid cysts with macular thickening in the right eye (E) and left eye (F). The mean central macular thickness is 544 µm in the right eye, and 509 µm in the left eye. Fundus autofluorescence images show distinct hypo-autofluorescent petalloid patterns at the macula in the right eye (G) and left eye (H).

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