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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. A representative case showing progression of macular lesions in a patient diagnosed with Stargardt disease. An 11-year-old boy visited the hospital complaining of decrease in visual acuity of both eyes. The visual acuity was 0.2 in the right eye and 0.2 in the left eye. Fundus examination (A, B) showed an atrophic lesion in the macular region. At 82 months, the atrophic lesion had enlarged, and yellowish flecks had developed within the temporal arcade (C, D). At 136 months, the central degenerative lesion was enlarged further (E, F). Most yellowish flecks within the temporal arcade had resolved. However, flecks developed outside the temporal arcade. The visual acuity was decreased to 0.06 in the right eye and 0.06 in the left eye.
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